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Increase SEO With Tynt Publisher Tool

Tynt Publisher Tool offers tracking of copy and paste user action for publishers. Tynt’s metrics identifies what content and images are copied from your web site so that you understand what users value most. Tynt already used by 600,000 publishers world wide. Currently tynt included four most important tools called Keyword TrackingImprove SEOTracking Content and Social Share Tracking. Lets understand these four features in details below.

Tynt Keyword Tracking

Tynt Keyword informs publishers what words and phrases are drawing visitors to the website, as well as which keywords are taking them out of a site. Publishers can now able to watch real-time feedbacks on these gaps. Once you understand how your readers respond to the content on your web site, you can fix those gaps and publish articles on those topics where your readers are engaged with the most.

Tynt Keyword also keep track of inbound and outbount search terms, so publishers can easily understand what users were searched for when they landed at your site and which keywords caused them to leave your site. If your incoming keywords are similar to the outgoing keywords then your content may be difficult for users to navigate. If the incoming keywords are different from the outgoing keywords then you may have gaps in your content or your SEO strategy is not bringing right users to right content.

Tynt SEO

When someone copies and paste your content any website, email or blog, Tynt automatically adds your link to original content. So, when someone click that link they will redirected to the original web site to see entire content. This action increase your website traffic 40% more to individual web page, whenever someone shares your content. This strategy also generate 8000 to 10000 strong fixed links to an average site.

Tynt Content Tracking

We all know that copy and paste function as the fundamental indicators of user engagement on the Web. Tynt’s new content tracking feature identifies what content and images are copied from your website. Tynt does following things:

  • Identify the most popular content on your site
  • Provide high quality data to advertisers, beyond page views and time on page stats
  • Track virality by learning which stories users share most
  • Produce content that is closely aligned with what your users are interested in

Tynt Social Share Tracking

Tynt Social Tracking allows publishers to see how many links are shared via Facebook, Twitter, Email and other Social sites in graphical view. So what are you waiting for? Lets create a account with Tynt and add your site/blog by following steps:

Add Website/Blog To Tynt Publisher Tool

1. Go to Tynt Publisher Signup Page.

2. Fill up required information and customize script options.

3. Grab the script and paste it on your site in between <head> section.

4. Once you have added script to your website, test your implemented Tynt script and receive periodic reports via email of your shared content. Please select appropriate options as you prefer and finish the signup.

5. You have sucessfully implemented Tynt script. If you want to modify your settings login in to Tynt Publisher Tools Dashboard for further settings.…

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