Blog Search Traffic Drops: What To Do?

What you will do if your blog facing sudden drop in search traffic and Google ranking? Don’t worry we have solution here just simply follow below steps to diagnose the problem and fix those issues.

Go to and Enter “” to do a site search of your blog in Google search box to list all your indexed web pages. Look for below things in search listings. Refer screen below.

  1. Does your blog completely disapper or just some part of it disappears from Google search results?
  2. Check for partial indexing of your blog (i.e title with no snippet). If you don’t see a snippet, that may be caused by robots.txt blocking crawlers.
  3. Check for any malware message appearing below your post titles in search results like “This site may harm your computer“.

Verify Your Blog Ranking

First do a Google search for your domain name (i.e If your blog doesn’t appear or if it ranks very poorly in search results. Then it is a sign that Google may have taken very searious spam action aginst it for violations of the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

How To Remove Malware Message From Blog

1. If your blog infected with malware you will get a “Warning Notice” in search results and follow the instructions thereon.

2. Follow Google guidelines to clean your site Here.

3. Once you removed malware from your site you can request a malware review.

4. If your blog ranking keep dropping then it is a sign that Google penalizing your blog for violating Google Guidelines like (cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden text etc.), then undo these things first and submit your blog for Reconsideration RequestGoogle will take maunaul action on your site and inform you for further action to take. If no any issues or messages detected then go for webmaster help forum and ask the experts.

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